Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memory books...

Another thing I really look forward to after shooting mpetit portraits is putting together an album. These kiddie "coffee table book" albums are great! Modern, contemporary and fun... it certainly is one of the best ways to tell your little one's story. Flipping through the pages will show the endless smiles & expressions we'll always adore!

Going through my own childhood photos always bring back wonderful memories. I'm really glad I get to to this for somebody else!

Click below to take a peek...


Dany Ruiperez, fotógrafo said...

the kids... what wonderful world!

Your work... exquisite!!!!



Bumatay said...

Great idea creating this type of album. I'm curious which vendor you're going to use?

Nice pics!

Dany Ruiperez, fotógrafo said...

Hi, here in Spain, it's very usual this class of albums! ;)