Monday, April 20, 2009

Featured Wedding on Wedding Chicks!

Awesome details from Hazele & Kyle's ultra hip wedding is now featured on Wedding Chicks!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Marianne turns event planner...

Boy it is tough to plan an event. SO many details to take care of: the food, the linens, the flowers, the guest list, the menus, the cake & the list goes on... and to top it all, keep it a secret?

Last Saturday, I threw an intimate, surprise dinner get together for my special plus one. It was a private chef's tasting at the Epicurean Umbrella kitchen. Amidst the stainless racks, we dressed up an 18-foot long table and made our own little restaurant. Sizzles & aroma of food filled the air as well as cheers & laughter amongst friends. Good times.

It's great to have so many talented friends in the industry (who I'm pretty sure are glad I'm a photographer & not a planner!!!) to bounce ideas with. The gorgeous flowers by Mille Fiori, linens by Wildflower Linens, delectable dinner & desserts by Epicurean Umbrella, cake by Sweet Lady Jane.

I've always had the utmost respect for planners & that just tripled after planning my own little thing. I am keeping my job & will leave this to the experts! Here are a few details...

with the man of the hour who was impossible to surprise... but we pulled it off! :)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

We IM, we text, we Skype, we talk on the phone... I can never run out of things to talk about with this man. When friends think I'm miss-smarty-pants, I hold this man responsible for it.

My dad is the best! He taught me the little patience I have in playing golf & the sunny 16 rule in photography - stressing that it's not your golf clubs or camera that make you great at what you do. He always said education is the best gift he & my mom could give us (so I kept going back to school for as loooong as I could). I truly am & forever will be thankful for it.

I first learned to shoot with his thirty year old manual Canon (see my brand loyalty!) that he had used to take photographs of us growing up. Five kids & we all have multi-volume photo albums (props to mom too of course!). I think growing up with all our school programs, birthday parties, recitals, graduations, vacations, volleyball tourneys, etc. documented make me value what I do even more. Cliche as it may be, memories really are priceless!

Best of all, he is my most loyal blog reader & number one fan. It's not father's day nor his birthday but just "appreciate the people we love day." Love you Pop.

Here's my dad on a recent visit with not-so-little, little brother & moi.