Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

We IM, we text, we Skype, we talk on the phone... I can never run out of things to talk about with this man. When friends think I'm miss-smarty-pants, I hold this man responsible for it.

My dad is the best! He taught me the little patience I have in playing golf & the sunny 16 rule in photography - stressing that it's not your golf clubs or camera that make you great at what you do. He always said education is the best gift he & my mom could give us (so I kept going back to school for as loooong as I could). I truly am & forever will be thankful for it.

I first learned to shoot with his thirty year old manual Canon (see my brand loyalty!) that he had used to take photographs of us growing up. Five kids & we all have multi-volume photo albums (props to mom too of course!). I think growing up with all our school programs, birthday parties, recitals, graduations, vacations, volleyball tourneys, etc. documented make me value what I do even more. Cliche as it may be, memories really are priceless!

Best of all, he is my most loyal blog reader & number one fan. It's not father's day nor his birthday but just "appreciate the people we love day." Love you Pop.

Here's my dad on a recent visit with not-so-little, little brother & moi.


Dad said...

That camera is now 48 years and I hope to use it when we celebrate our HS class' Golden Jubillee in 2013. I was the school organ photographer during my HS days.

sandra p said...

5 kids?? me too. what number are you?

Arleekat said...

Tito Sonny and Ninang Beth shares the same admirations. They are sooo proud of you (and your siblings).