Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Outa town!

I'll be away & mobile September 26th to October 1st so it may take awhile for me to respond to emails. If you need to reach me, call me!

Friday, September 21, 2007

The day after...

Day after shoots are FUN! It's a stress free day when we play and get creative with the bride & groom. We actually shot this after their honeymoon so they were both nicely tanned.

Paola & Jorge have made it to my list of favorite people. Their genuine spirits just make you want to be around them. Not to mention how awesome they are in front of the camera!

A few of my favorite things... late afternoon light, flair, brick walls, P&J

flair, YUM!

Yes, I am addicted to flair. Can you blame me?!

Friday, September 14, 2007

It's a small world...

They met in high school, fell in love years later, lived across oceans for a bit, and are now headed to wedded bliss... I had the absolute best time photographing Janice & Dennis. It was a beautiful afternoon in Malibu with the most gorgeous light I could ask for.

It's so funny how groom-to-be and I went to the same university, both majored in computers, walked the same halls but never met. Years later and thousands of miles away from home, they found me through the net. The world has practically become smaller than a 4-story building! :)

Here are some faves. More fun images on the guest book we've designed too.

They are the coolest and were up for anything. They even climbed up a HUGE rock to get this shot.
I like how boxy this shot feels.

Janice will definitely make a gorgeous bride. I love this shot! The light just kept getting better on us.
They will tie the knot across the pacific on November. All the best wishes!

More PartnerCon

I've been with Pictage for quite a bit but this was my first PartnerCon. When they said it was like a mini-WPPI, I went ahead & signed up to attend. SO glad I did! Amidst the busy season, accumulating post production work and my numerous personalities starting to create chaos up in my head, this was a great breather. I'm always inspired by other photographers - the speakers & the new ones I meet. Definitely took home some tips to further hone my craft, streamline my workflow, and live a stress free life!

Here are some pics courtesy of Marie Bunke. Thanks Marie!

Marie, Mr. ShowIt Fast himself - David Jay, & moi.
With a few peeps from our LA PUG.... Juan, myself, Marie, Matthew, Joanne and Patrice.
With the ever fabulous Jasmine Star at the Kiss Wedding Albums/ShowIt party.
Marie, myself, Joanne & Jules Bianchi.
All pimped out at the Kiss photo booth.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The last couple of weeks have been crazy. My cameras have been racking up those miles & I'm having a blast!

I'll be at ParnterCon - a Pictage photography conference all day September 12th & 13th. Will be returning calls & emails as soon as I can. Posting more updates too...Thanks.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Little Dancer

At 10 months, this little one crawled and rolled pretty fast. Zara definitely got me going on some much needed cardio. She also kept me entertained with her graceful moves as she twirled her tiny hands in the air. It was just adorable!

Here are a few favorites. A lot more cute images on her album.

Such a happy baby, never seen more smiles...