Monday, August 06, 2007

Beth & Sonny

Beth & Sonny met, fell in love, and on a rainy August 7th, said their I dos. 38 years and 6 kids later, they are as happy as ever! We have them to thank for an amazing life growing up (& I'm still working on the growing up part). They have been and continue to be confidants, business advisers and my biggest fans :) Happy Anniversary Mama & Papa!

Who do I look like?


Maureen said...

How cute is that?!!! And you definitely look just like your mom!

Alvin said...

You look like your mom but she's still prettier... hehehe

I'm sure your parents are proud of you! :-)

Paola & Jorge Ramirez said...

Oh my gosh! You totally look like you're beautiful mother! Happy Anniversary =)

Carmen said...

Marianne: I keep intending to mention that I had seen this photograph of your parents BEFORE I met you, and wanted to tell you that I think you look like both parents, but maybe more like your gorgeous mother. I knew we would be fast friends when I read that you were still working on the "Growing up" part! So am I! You are an amazing woman, and I am sure your parents are very proud of you. Much continued success to you, and my best to your parents. They raised a beautiful daughter, inside and out, and one who is full of talent!