Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sisters, Partners in Crime ;)

Having a little sister is a lot of fun. Ariela & Shira definitely shared that special "sister" bond I can totally relate to. I watched them do fun things together like burying their faces in the sand, braving the waves and getting completely soaked, making sure not to get water on their dolls' eyes... It's great to have that gal pal, that partner in crime....

Below are some faves... And make sure to click here to see the album slideshow too.

How adorable is this pouting face?

Sheira tried to catch up with her big sister as she ran to the water. Smudged on her tiny palms and drenched in salt water, she hands over that piece of M&M to make sure Ariela got her share. I thought that was really sweet..

and had the best time ever!

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