Monday, September 08, 2008

In love!

Don't we all know how great that feels?! Even better, to witness it and be able to document it. Natalie & John were high school sweethearts. (It was very cute to see their prom picture displayed on one of the tables too!) When John proposed, he put together a book of their story, photos & all... and as Nat was flipping to the last page, John was already down on one knee. There was that beautiful ring!

One of the sweetest FoB (Father of the Bride) toasts I've heard. It was quite a struggle to hold those tears on the corner on my eyes... thank goodness I had a camera to cover it with ;) SO much love in the air and that dance floor - definitely rockin'.

Friends & family have seen them grow into very fine individuals. They have evolved as a couple too & everyone could not be happier to see them start this chapter in their new life together....

Here are more favorites and a slideshow of the day's highlights...

To watch the slideshow bigger, click here.

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Raychelle said...

Award winning Marianne! Cheers!