Friday, March 28, 2008

RSS me

I am in a constant struggle to minimize the amount of time I spend in front of my computer. In doing so, I find tools to increase productivity without sacrificing efficiency. One of my recent favorite things is Net News Wire. I tell every person I talk to about it so might as well blog about it.

For a bit I was utilizing Mac Mail's RSS reader. Updates from my favorite blogs were delivered directly to my mailbox without crowding the Inbox. There are various RSS readers out there and now you can even use Facebook too. My friend, Nick Onken, turned me into Net News Wire. It's pretty awesome!
I started using it about two months ago and I'm lovin' it. The interface is just like your email program... lets your organize your subscriptions to folders (we all know how I feel about organization), open web pages within the window, synchronize your feeds if you're accessing from different computers, add events to iCal and contacts to Address Book, etc. With the amount of information made available to us on a daily basis, this is a great tool to filter and customize what we feed our brains from the WWW. Only works with Macs though.

A few less clicks & loading time means more time to update my own blog perhaps? :D Be sure to add me to your RSS reader. And yes, I subscribe to the purse blog.


kennykimdotcom said...

hey is there a quick way to import all the RSS from MAIL RSS feeder into NetNews Wire?

Maureen said...

I am so happy you gave me this tip a few weeks back! Awesome recommendation :)

Marianne Lozano said...

hey kennykimdotcom :) this was helpful, let me know if you find an easier way to do it.

anna said...

it's always a delight looking through your lenses with the photos that you take. very spontaneous. even greater delight seeing that you have become very succesful and is still on the road to a whole lot more. keep it up and more power! just wish you were here during my wedding. oh well... take care