Thursday, April 10, 2008

SUPER Monday with Jose Villa

With the whole digital photography revolution, many sometimes seem to forget to "photograph." Manufacturing the images after the fact instead of getting all the ingredients right while taking it. Nothing makes up for great light, good composition, and a well thought out idea. Skills we had to keep sharp when we shot film. This is one of the reasons Jose Villa is a rockstar in my book.

I was in Solvang for his workshop, a fun learning experience. I say this all the time but it's always great to meet other photogs. We start to talk shop, and maybe because of the similar experiences we share, connect almost instantly.

The amazing light, the location, the company... what great burst of inspiration! Got me excited to pick up my film camera again :)

Over a dozen cameras sparsely situated aiming at the same subject somehow looked like wildlife preying. Here are a few that I caught...

Shelbie in Melissa Sweet
Hair & Make up by T.E.A.M.
Flowers by Ranae's Bouquet

Lacie in Jenny Lee

Jose loading his Contax 645
with my new "disco" buddy, Marisa Holmes
with Jose

And almost forgot about this picture... Big smiles after a sumptuous dinner. What a way to end a super Monday. Thanks Jose!
Marisa Holmes, Lacie, Joel Serrato, Jose Villa, moi, Heather Moreau


jc said...

Constantly evolving as a photographer, photographs like these are refreshing to look at. Simple yet striking. Nice.

marisa holmes said...

I had such a blast with you! Great shots girl!

kennykimdotcom said...

Jose is a stud!

Gloria Mesa said...


It was so much fun working with great and talented photographers..
I think Jose its amazing!!

Gloria Mesa

marie said...

Hey Marianne,
Was great seeing you again:) Your photos look great, congratulations again on the Ceremony cover---you're on your way to becoming a Rock Star! Whoo-hoo.

rowena said...

Stunning images! Love the diversity of everyone's "take" of the same shoot. It was nice meeting you.