Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring with Wildflower Linen

Wildflower Linen has helped redefine wedding linens as we know them today. "Couture" for tables & chairs as they say. With their cutting edge and fashion-forward style, they are continually setting trends for the industry.

Youngsong Martin and her amazing staff recently hosted a fun event for Orange County florists. The minute I walked in their showroom, I instantly felt the warmth from the smiles that greeted me. You can almost feel that fun, family environment they have at the workplace.

After my guided tour (thanks Mei!), it was a fiesta for me to shoot the details, as well as all the smiles that came in through that door. They shared small bites & big ideas...
discussed 2008 trends, new designs, green & sustainable products, among other things.

Young's background in fashion design helped pave the way for her success and constantly growing business. In my opinion, it's her passion, enthusiasm and zest that brings it. Wildflower Linen has a big chunk of the Southern Cali market and recently opened showrooms in New York and San Francisco too.

Details galore! Colors, shapes & textures, always great sources of inspiration... I would totally wear these linens too ;) Here are some images shot with my favorite lens, the 50mm f1.2

Young, the woman behind it all.the ladies, Desiree, Mei, Young, Agnes and Kelly

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mike STEELMAN said...

sweet shots! You rock girl. Hope your friday is going well!! Talk with ya soon.