Friday, April 18, 2008

Brides Magazine party

Wednesday night, I was at a Brides Magazine Party at the Museum of Latin American Art. It's always great to see familiar faces and meet new ones. Although I need to do better job at documenting such (seems like I only take pictures when I get there & when I'm about to leave).
so I end up stealing this from Roberto's blog... With Roberto Valenzuela, Art Suwansong & John Leon from Wedding 64.
Thanks to Sandy for sending some of these... with Roberto Valenzuela, with Tammie Kimura & Marissa Lopez, with Marie Bunke, with Sandra P.
with Vic Sizemore
And in most events, you'll be sure to find me hovering by the dessert tables. The cupcakes were delish!


sandra pan said...

hey girl,
loved your dress, you looked great. fun hanging out, let's do it again soon! :)

Roberto Valenzuela said...

Don't worry about taking the picture from my blog since we know each other I won't call the FBI on you. Just kidding, thanks for inviting me to the bride' party I had a great time.

Roberto Valenzuela said...

Why do we look so pink?